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If you have a strong interest in sound recording, music production and distribution, music software design and development, the music technology industry could be perfect for you. The industry allows you to look at the various technologies associated with modern music allows you to work in an expanding and diverse industry.

With live music flourishing as a direct result of recorded music suffering, there is huge potential for you to create a career for yourself. Last year total music sales rose for the first time since 2003, mainly boosted by download sales, however it looks as though sales will never recover; global revenues for all music, fell by 25% between 1999 (£25bn) and 2008 (£19bn).

Studying music technology can open the doors to a multitude of careers, which reflects the diverse nature of the music industry. Career opportunities could include, acoustics, live sound engineering, post production and record labels, broadcasting, mixing, location recording and dubbing, soundtrack creation, game audio, music promotion and distribution and much more.

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