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If you are interested in the past then history and heritage could be great subjects for you to study. 

Whether studying to progress your career or to pursue a personal interest, one thing is certain, Somerset and the South West provide many fantastic opportunities to investigate different aspects of history and heritage. 

You will be learning from some excellent teachers too - many are experts in their field and work as practicing researchers and authors, which greatly enhances the quality of the courses they teach.     

What you study will depend on the course and college you choose.  You can study witch-hunting in modern Europe, learn about Alfred the Great and King John, find out about rebellion and reformation in English history, learn about agricultural and industrial life in 18th and 19th century Wessex, develop your knowledge or archaeology and so much more... 

Through your studies you will learn about different historical theories, methods and interpretations; you can enjoy field trips, archaeological surveys and excavations; you will have opportunities to conduct your own investigations; and you can work with local history and heritage employers and organisations.    

In addition to developing your knowledge and understanding of history and heritage, you will gain a valuable set of skills to help you progress in future study or employment. 

The history and heritage sector is an extremely important part of leisure and tourism in the South West of England. With so many museums, heritage centres, historical houses and sites of interest, there are plenty of careers options available as well as opportunities for further study. Teaching is also a common career choice for many history graduates; a teacher training qualification is required.

So let’s find out about the range of courses available – simply take a look at the course listing or click on the college links above.

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