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  • The University Centre Yeovil

The programme builds on the rich heritage within the SW region to enhance the study of English and History in both a local, national and international context. The courses are designed to provide students with the skills needed for employment as well as enabling progression to further study for example teacher training courses, a pathway which many students have traditionally followed.

This is for students aiming to develop the critical, interpretative and communications skills for working in a wide range of roles in the Heritage, Cultural and Communications industries or progress to Post-Graduate Teacher Training or other Post-Graduate studies.

Areas that you might study include:

    • Culture and Criticism
    • The Child in Literature
    • Writing for different purposes
    • Historical Perspectives on Culture and Society
    • The Literature of Space and Place
    • Writing and Difference
    • Research Skills and Projects
    • Historical Methods
    • Period and Depth studies in History
    • Researching Historical Buildings

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