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If you prefer to work with animals rather than people, a career in Animal Care and Conservation could be for you!

The Animal Care and Conservation industry is worth £1 billion and employs an estimated 80,000 people throughout the UK, of which approximately 20% of the workforce say they started their careers through unpaid work.

Through a career in Animal Care and Conservation you could help protect and raise awareness of endangered species, ensure habitats are correct for the wildlife living in them and make sure the welfare standards of animals are met.

There are many interesting trends happening in the Animal Care and Conservation world at the moment due to the economic climate. Whilst general pet ownership has declined and more household pets are being sent to animal sanctuaries due to the cost of vet bills, the more exotic and unusual species are becoming increasingly popular. As more people are also holidaying in the UK, visitor numbers to zoos and wildlife parks are also on the up and as a results many attractions are changing the way their operate as part of their commitment to conservation, for example recycling ‘zoo poo’ to make paper.

With many animal based businesses throughout the South West, Somerset provides a perfect backdrop to learn within and a great opportunity for you to make a difference!

The Animal Care and Conservation industry has a range of careers from being an Animal Technician to Zoo Keeper to Marine Biologist. With over 47% of the population owning a pet and over 24 million pets in the UK, the industry has great potential!

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