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If you prefer the great outdoors as your office, a career in Agriculture could be perfect for you!

The Agricultural industry has around 150,000 businesses and employs 650,000 people throughout the country, which is 6% of all UK businesses, in both livestock and crop disciplines.

If you prefer the great outdoors as your office, a career in Agriculture could be perfect for you!

Agriculture includes livestock, machinery and crops and 50% of the UK is covered by grass and grazing land. The Livestock industry includes; Dairy cows, cattle for beef, sheep for wool and lamb, pigs, poultry and other livestock such as deer. The industry is key in reducing methane emissions, which resulted in a 17% fall since 1990, this is mainly a result of improved meat and milk production. The industry is also essential to our everyday food intake with over 11,300 eggs consumed in the UK in 2008.

In addition to livestock, crops, also known as arable farms, are also hugely important and include; wheat, grains, beets, oats, peas, oilseed rape and grass for the livestock. Arable farms are essential for our food production and the UK is 74% self-sufficient in indigenous foods and 60% self-sufficient in all foods. Each day, wheat is responsible for producing 10 million loaves of bread daily.

The Agricultural industry is extremely diverse and can lead to a range of careers from being a Farm Worker to Herd Manager to Estate Manager. The industry itself has an ageing workforce which means there are plenty of opportunities for new workers to start their career, over 150,000 agricultural businesses are currently looking for staff and over the next ten years will need to recruit a further 60,000.

There are jobs available, the industry just needs the recruits to take up the opportunities, which is why it is an excellent industry for career progression and development.

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