Help with finances

Specialist Grant Options

Depending on your specific cicrumstances you may also qualify for a little extra help on top of your main student finance package. The following financial support packages are worth investigation.

Students on a low income

You can apply for the National Scholarship Programme, Access to Learning Fund and Income Support.

Students with children or dependant adults

You can apply for a Childcare Grant (full-time students only), Parents’ Learning Allowance (full-time students only), Access to Learning Fund and Child Tax Credit.

Disabled students

If you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty (eg dyslexia) you can apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances and Access to Learning Fund. You may also qualify for disability related benefits.

Medical, social work and teacher training students

You can apply for NHS bursaries (medical, dentistry or healthcare students), Social Work Bursaries (social work students) and there is extra help available for teacher training students.

National Scholarship Programme

The main purpose of the National Scholarship Programme (NSP) is to benefit individual students from disadvantaged backgrounds directly as they enter higher education (HE). It will apply to students entering HE from autumn 2012.

Please contact the Finance Officer at the college you attend to find out more information about the Scholarships available.

Help from your College

Many colleges offer extra financial support directly to students. Speak to the Finance Officer at the College you are interested in attending.

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