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Working in retail whilst studying

Working in retail whilst studying

One of the advantages of doing a University level course near home is that you can continue to work while doing your course. Many students have been given the opportunity to embark on a management training programme at work while doing their higher education.

Other advantages include lower fees and less borrowing to support yourself. Higher Education in Somerset provides you with opportunities to gain qualifications that will lead to higher pay and prospects. Most of the courses you can do in local colleges will be related to vocational opportunities so you can build on your course in a number of practical (and money making) ways.

"I attended my Foundation degree in Business and Management full time (which was two days per week). I also worked at Sainsbury's and they offered to help by putting me in their management programme. I also did the Institute of Leadership and Management qualification. I easily managed my work and study and I was able to support myself at the same time so my debts at the end were much less than they would have been had I gone away to University."


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